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Inactive Friends Cut

If I made a mistake please let me know... otherwise I just removed people I've not seem post in a long time... or I haven't really had contact with you since we added each other. Otherwise, that's that!
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Survey Sites

This is kind of random but I've been bored lately and finding survey sites where you do surveys and you can get a bit of money... when you get enough money you can cash out. There are a few that I've actually had money go straight into my paypal account. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me sending them an invite for the survey sites? All I need is your name and your email and I can send you one... :-) Let me know if you'd like that! :-)

What I'm going to do is post the sites... feel free to go through them at your will and check them all out. These first ones are international ones so at minimum, American, UK and Australian (as well as probably others)... all of which don't take that much information from you and send you email invites when surveys are available. Some of which do have rewards such as gift cards and tickets. But just check that out if you don't want that before you join. Most of which though have cash out... like paypal deposits, checks and direct deposits depending on the site. :-) Doesn't cost anything though so check it out if you want to:

Here are some survey sites for Australian's... although you can check them out if you want some of them would probably be international as well especially like the light speed one, ciao, and rewards central... :-)

Oh also if you do join... if you could say I referred you via putting in my name Sara Ringham or user name (sararingham) that'd be great! :-) Thanks so much everyone and have fun! :-)